What should you know about targeted treatments?

  • Targeted treatments are different from traditional chemotherapy, and are often given in combination
  • Targeted treatments are designed to attack specific proteins on certain types of cancer cells that cause them to grow and multiply rapidly
    • Because these proteins are found on normal cells as well, targeted treatments can also affect healthy cells
  • Targeted treatments, traditional chemotherapy, and hormonal treatments are all considered “systemic treatments”
    • Systemic treatments travel through the bloodstream to treat cancer cells anywhere in the body, not just the tumor alone
    • Systemic treatments can also affect healthy cells

Why treat HER2+ breast cancer with a targeted treatment?

  • HER2+ breast cancer is a systemic disease, which means it can affect the whole body
    • HER2+ breast cancer grows quickly and may spread to other parts of the body
    • It is important that you and your healthcare team plan for treatment as soon as the type and stage of breast cancer have been determined
  • PERJETA and Herceptin® (trastuzumab) are two targeted treatments designed to target different parts of HER2 receptors, so they can work together to build a stronger blockade against HER2+ breast cancer
    • These medications are usually given in combination with traditional chemotherapy

What is PERJETA?

PERJETA is designed to target HER2 receptors.