Neoadjuvant treatment may be an option for patients with HER2+ early breast cancer

When medications like traditional chemotherapy, hormonal treatment, and targeted treatment (including PERJETA) are given before surgery, they are called neoadjuvant treatments, and are often given in combination with each other. A patient, together with her healthcare team, may choose neoadjuvant treatment for early breast cancer to try to shrink a tumor before breast cancer surgery.

A possible treatment plan for HER2-positive (HER2+) early breast cancer

Patients who are eligible for neoadjuvant treatment may be given a treatment plan similar to this one:

PERJETA Neoadjuvant Treatment Plan

Potential benefits of treatment before surgery

Neoadjuvant treatment may

  • Help reduce or eliminate cancer cells before surgery
  • Help the healthcare team know if certain therapies are likely to work after surgery

Some disadvantages or limitations of neoadjuvant treatment:

  • You may experience serious or common side effects from the medications selected for neoadjuvant treatment

How PERJETA is given

PERJETA is an infusion that can be given before surgery for HER2+ early breast cancer.

PERJETA for HER2+ early breast cancer before surgery

See the potential benefits and risks associated with PERJETA-based treatment for HER2+ early breast cancer.